Research Interests :
  • gravitation and cosmology : strong gravitation effects, primordial cosmology, quantum cosmology;
  • observational cosmology : Bayesian statistics using type Ia supernovae, x-ray gas mass fraction of galaxy clusters, etc;
  • computational physics : symbolic computation using Mathematica.
Observational cosmology software projects :
  • BETOC (BayEsian Tools for Observational Cosmology);

  • BETOCS (BayEsian Tools for Observational Cosmology using SNe Ia);

  • BETOCX (BayEsian Tools for Observational Csmology using X-Ray of Galaxy Clusters).

My articles listed by the SPIRES-HEP database.

Master of Science thesis in portuguese, "Cosmologia quântica com dois campos escalares livres" ("Quantum cosmology with 2 free scalar fields"), 139 pages, 1996 (Postscript zipped file with 1.7 MB).

Ph.D.  thesis in french, "Quelques méthodes perturbatives en gravitation et cosmologie" ("Some perturbative methods in gravitation and cosmology"), 150 pages, 2002 (PDF file with 1.3 MB).

My curriculum vitae : in portuguese (HTML) and RTF document from the Lattes-CNPq database.

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